Previous Next Renovation This Omanu home was in need of an update and took on a massive transformation.  The team had their work cut out for them on this technical beast.  A challenging job as we had to keep it water tight, removing the old curves of the building to reveal a very modern stand […]

Ocean Beach Living


Previous Next Renovation This early 90’s house was in need of some serious renovation to turn it into a sleek looking modern beach house.  The home was completely stripped back, then shrink wrap was used to protect the site and the work while it was carried out.  The Coast NZ team re-framed all walls and […]

Obsidian Way


Previous Next Renovation This brick home had a full make over with new kitchen and interior fit out.  Tiled floors for the beachside feel, creating indoor outdoor flow.  Opening up to a new pool and outdoor living completed with 1.2 km of mahogany decking timber to finish the look. Back to Projects